Innovative Block-Chain Solutions for Smart Businesses

Our technology is disrupting the market in Cyber security and e-commerce trade. Our cloud-based platform provides the world’s first intelligent cyber security awareness, behavior analysis and risk management solution, combining psychology and behavioral science with artificial intelligence and data science to secure and process transactions.


Our registered Technology, uses the Iris and facial pattern combination (patent pending) to authorize transactions.<br /> Its the next big thing in Cyber Security.

Money Fraud

Veri-Eye as a technology help eliminate 95% of cyber threats by compliance monitoring, and artificial intelligence verification of bank transaction processes. This technology helps the aged and vulnerable in the society to protect their money and pensions.

End User Security

With a vision of making cyber security available to everyone, we focus on protecting customers from cyber-crime with our innovation. Our Technology helps to convert technical data drawn from computer networks into a clear readable records to end users. This is the first in the world.

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  • Military Solutions
  • Block-Chain global money transfer
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Iris Verification

Our patented technology combines the Iris, melanosomes and facial pattern with block-Chain systems to authenticate and process transactions.

Movers Money
Global money exchange using block-chain

This technology offers money exchange for e-commerce trade using block-chain technology, processed from a computer or a phone directly to recipients smart phone.

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Block-Safe is a technology for storing government and corporate data using a combination of our two innovations.

We breed innovations, we develop block-chain!

High tech cyber security innovation that can be distributed and duplicated across any business platform like banking and fin tech

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